how can I reach visible customer support?


At the moment:

the online chatting is waiting forever!

No one replys me on twitter now (@visiblecare)

The issue came up after activation of Iphone 14 pro max. I cannot login visible app, shows frozen white screen forever. (uninstall, reinstall many many times). I can login web page, but shows error message forever(We were unable to process your request. Please try again later), no plan information, no billing information.

two tickets were filed several days ago through twitter.

Received two emails informing me issue resolved.

But issues remain the same

who can help me?????????????????????????????????????


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Twitter was useless for me also. That leaves chat which sounds like one to two hours now or you can try Facebook messenger. Click the box with the f in it bottom right hand corner. A month ago Facebook response was 45 minutes but not sure how fast it is now.


I need customer service for my iPhone. Is there a number to be called? 


Help!  Trying to move phone service from Verizon to Visible.  We are on a family plan at the moment, but need to make sure that the family plan stays intact as there are several numbers attached to it.  We only want to remove two phone lines.