iPhone 8 Can Upgrade to New Network??



I have an iPhone 8 and I've seen in the forums that some older Android phones can't upgrade to the new network. Will I be able to upgrade to the new network with my phone? My family all have iPhone 11, any issues there?




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You should not have any issues with iPhone 8 or 11. Make sure you have the latest updates and make sure Visible app has the latest update before activating the new SIM.


iPhone use iOS operating system that no other brand can use. Android phones are are totally different than Apple phones. Yes, Visible has seemed to have cleared the IMEI number database on most Android phones(all Motorola, some Pixel and some Samsung and pretty much all other off brands using the Android operating system) built before 2022. The only Motorola phones that will pass the compatibility checker is if the phone was bought from Visible in 2022 to present. My 2021 Motorola G Power that I bought from Visible new shows not compatible but I was able to activate it and use it, bad thing is I bought a new phone because Visible said it wouldn't work but they lied.