No service


I have been fighting my phone all morning, no service!  No texts, no phone calls. 

Restarted my device, checked updates, airplane mode on and back off, changed networks?


My daughter had this issue yesterday with her Visible service. 


Please help! 


Novice III

Do you have an eSIM or a regular SIM card? If you have an eSIM, I have two suggestions. The first is to go into the settings of your phone and turn that line off.  I have an iPhone, and there's an option to turn the eSIM line off. I usually turn it off, wait a bit, then turn it on and voila, it works. IF that does not help you, the more nuclear option is to delete the eSIM, and then reinstall it via the app. For myself, I have found these to be the solutions for similar issues as yours. This of course only works if there's nothing wrong with the Verizon network itself.