iphone 14 pro order


I ordered an iphone 14 pro on saturday (9/17) and I've haven't recieved a fedex shipping tracking id.


Tried to chat with customer service but the wait times are forever. 


Does anyone else have this issue?


Novice III

Yesss! Same, I ordered mine on 9/16 in the early morning. I didn’t even receive an order confirmation email like their FAQ states I should have. And the “overview” page does not show an order status. It’s bizarre! I got through to a rep yesterday morning, and they assured me there are no “known” delays and it should arrive 9/19 or 9/20 at the latest. Never received it and Fed Ex was delivering to the neighbors today. I asked for shipping tracking and they said it didn’t ship, yet. I don’t trust any of this, so I put a hold on the charge on my CC until I get it. 

One user stated on one of my threads that they received their phone and never even got shipment tracking. It just showed up. Who knows what’s going on!? Please reply if you hear anything different! There’s obviously delays, yet, Visible isn’t admitting that. 

Same. I ordered mine on Friday in the early morning and haven't gotten a Fedex shipping label notification and my order overview doesn't have a tracking bar letting me know where my order is in the process - like confirmed, processing, shipping.. there's just no status at all. It's super inconvenient because how am I supposed to know to work from home to be home for the Fedex delivery if it just shows up 🙃


Okay, so it’s not just me! Like no order confirmation email, no status update in Overview. It just shows as my “current device” and under my orders, that’s it. Nothing on their FAQ/Help page is accurate regarding orders.

I saw someone post on Visible's Instagram that they’ve been waiting over a week and a half for a SIM card to be delivered.

This is getting intense with all the issues people are experiencing. And I suspect the Care rep (or lack thereof) issue is only going to intensify once people aren’t getting their orders. ‍🫠

I received my phone today. I never got an email confirmation or tracking information, it just showed up 🙃

Any update the same thing is happening to me