issues porting a number from an old provider




I started using Visible about a month ago, and I elected to port my number from a Verizon account on an old phone I had on a family account, to avoid the tedium of changing my phone number with every account I owned. I activated my phone under the temporary number given to me by Visible in the meantime, in case there were issues with the port, and to give myself some time to customize my new phone in between work and other obligations.


I finally got around to porting my old number to this account today, and everything seemed to work at first — my Verizon account was canceled, I had the correct number on the visible app, etc — but I quickly noticed that I was no longer getting any cellular service on my 14 pro, and I could neither receive, or make, calls. In addition, I can't set up my voicemail as it keeps giving me errors, and my phone seems to think that it no longer supports eSim.


I've tried restarting this phone, powering off my old phone, and checked that my device under "my account" on the visible app. I am using a screenreader and the app is marginably accessible at best, so I can't shake the feeling that somehow, porting my number from Verizon has somehow irrepably broke something.


Is there anything else I can try? I'm not sure how helpful Verizon will be in this situation, and the lack of customer service of any kind with Visible is not helping my anxiety over this situation.


Either way, any help would be greatly appreciated.





Intermediate II

Hey Nick.

Don't worry all you have to do is to download the Visible e-SIM profile with the transferred number.

*Make sure that remove the SIM card or Delete any e-SIM from your phone (Verizon and Visible including).


First, make sure that your number was transferred. To do this, check your Inbox for an email confirming that your existing number was transferred to Visible.


Launch the Visible application, while your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Touch 'Home', and scroll down to "Switching phones is SIMple" then click on “Switch Now”.


Here re-check your phone's compatibility. And follow on-screen instructions to activate your eSIM.


Heads up: The app will require a verification code sent via SMS. Don't worry, Visible will email you the verification code to enter an continue the activation process.


Once the setup is completed. Power off and on your phone for 2 minutes.

Nce your device backup, allow it at least 5 minutes to connect to network.


For the Voicemail issue. Chat with the Care Team on website or through your Visible app.

Ask for an agent. They will need to reprovision your Voicemail and you'll need to toggle on airplane mode for 30 seconds.


You can also contact then at @VisibleCare on Twitter or via Facebook Messenger (@VisibleMobile).