moving data & apps from android to iphone 14 after setup and activation?

Novice II

I have the 'move to IOS' app on the android but did not use it during the setup.  The account activation is done and the old number move is in process.  The question is ifi I don't want to do the manual moves, what are the consequences of doing either a Reset or Erase all Data to restart the setup process including moving the data/apps to IOS from the android?

Thanks for any insights. 


You have to reset the phone you can only do move to iOS when you setup the phone, if you wanna keep all your apps and settings you can back up everything you already did on the iPhone, and then reset the phone 

ok, details... after doing the  reset and move, will restoring the backup not disturb what was brought over in the move AND restore the cellular eSim?

You will have to redownload the cellular plan, if the app allows you to do it it's good if not the rep is gonna have to do it for you, they will send you a eSIM in the app 

as I research option it appears that doing a restore from a backup taken before the move from the old phone will only restore what was present at the time of the backup and all new moved data/apps will not be kept.