new phone help


I have one phone on Visible already and would like to add another phone that I will purchase from Visible and then port out of a Tracfone account to the new Visible phone. From what I can see is that I will need to have another e-mail account to do so, but I only have one e-mail account and do not want another one. Is there a way to get this done?


Intermediate III

If you have a GMail account you can add dots to your email address to create unique email addresses.


Last I checked that still worked with Visible but I went a different route.

In my case, I simply opened an Outlook email account and then automatically forward anything to my primary email address. Outlook also allows establishing an additional 10 aliases for that account which are also automatically forwarded.

Pretty sure there are other email alias services out there but can't vouch for them. Currently you'll definitely new a unique email address for additional accounts although the payment methods may be identical for all of them.