new to Visible, how to create Party Pay for 4 members right away


Will be travelling to the US soon and wanted to create a party pay for each of our family members for the time we are there?  Can I create all for lines at the same time



Please dont create a new party, there are many parties with 1000+ members in savings spot. Please join one of them, you get the same discount. No personal information is shared with others.


Every member need to join individually, every member need to create a separate account (use different email)


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Welcome to Visible! The Party Pay overview page has How to Party instructions and some FAQs. If you haven’t already created accounts, be sure to use Bring a Friend referral codes at sign-up so that each new account gets the first month at $20 off. Once you establish your first account, you can daisy chain or just create the remaining accounts using the Bring a Friend referral code from your first account. Each time that your referral code is used, you get another month at $20 off and you can bank up to 12. The Bring a Friend Code FAQs page explains how it works. You may also take advantage of various promos at sign-up. Visible requests that we not post a referral code or Party Pay link more than once a day and only in the Savings Spot forum, so if you would rather join an existing Party (recommended), head on over to the Savings Spot forum to see my Party Pay link along with many others. Once there, you can also find a Bring a Friend referral code to use for your first account. I hope that this helps. And hey, welcome to Party Pay!