no service issues


I haven't had visible for real long, few months now I think. Got visible towards end of 2022. 30$ for true unlimited simple as that = awesome. Best deal for phone service anywhere. Haven't had a problem, until Jan 23rd 2023.


It all sudden had no service. This is my only online connection. So when I have no service, I have to find a wifi spot to figure out what is wrong. I tried logging into my account and it just recently had to set up the 2 step process, which is crazy. I don't want to go through many steps just to log into my account. There is such a thing as too much security and I think the world is headed in that direction sadly.


Anyways, after logging in, I got service again. Don't know what the issue was, worked for rest of the day until late at night when it went out again. I just turned airplane mode on and went to bed.


Woke up about 430a next day and tried to see if had service and I got the data connection now, but it says voice connection isn't available. Which I don't really care about anyways, I never call anyone, my main thing is data anyways.


But it's all weird now, if you notice when things work fine people always try and mess with stuff to "improve" something and will always ruin something that didn't need to change in first place.


I don't know what I would do if I keep having issues, as this is the best deal for phone service anywhere.



I would reach out to customer care via social media sooner rather than later, and try and diagnose the voice issue. You don't want to be in a situation either waiting for a call and needing to make a call, and not being able to.


I reached out to customer care over the last two days, and got answers in less than 15 minutes each time.

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