pay bill


I cannot pay my bill. This is the message I get.  

Something went wrong. We are working hard to fix that

Will this be resolved later today so I can pay the bill?



I am getting the EXACT SAME MESSAGE! I cannot pay my bill either! I can log into my account but that is about it! I contacted someone from chat and THEY could not get it resolved either...I had to leave a message on facebook messanger for their tech team! I do not know what is going on, but they had better get this fixed and quick! Or they are going to be losing customers to other companies!



Well someway bill was paid from my bank account so I am getting OUT of visible and porting my number over to another service while I still can! IT STILL says on the website "something went wrong" now I am going with a business that has an actual storefront! BYE BYE VISIBLE!