sign up my dad with a new phone and then swap phones with him



I am an existing user for a couple years with an iPhone XS Max.  I would like to get my dad signed up with Visible and take advantage of the new iPhone 14 promos and get the iPhone 14 for myself.  And give my dad my current iPhone XS.  What would be the best way of doing this?  I'm thinking that I need to sign up with a new account for him and buy the new iPhone 14 at that time under him.  And then somehow switch phones with him.  Anyone know how that would work?  There aren't any complications in terms of which one of us is paying for what because we are working that out transparently amongst each other.


Intermediate III

You can sign up for a new account (transfer your father’s number) and iPhone. 

Visible unlocks devices after 60 days. You will get bonus after 3 payments. After you redeem bonus for your dad’s new iPhone. You can swap and use the device.


This is straightforward way without breaking any rules.