Visible boot splash screen

Novice II

I've recently switched from T-Mobile to visible and I'm still getting a T-Mobile boot splash screen when I start and reboot my phone. Should that have gone away? My service Works text messaging Works Data works but anytime I reboot my phone it still says T-Mobile on the splash screen



I am guessing you bought the phone from T-Mobile so I would guess it might be something they programmed into the phone. There may be a way to change that in the display under settings.

The phone was actually bought and came with a Sprint SIM card and used to show the sprint/boot screen but when I was forced to change to a T-Mobile SIM card the boot screen also changed to a T-Mobile boot splash screen. I was under the impression the visible card would have done the same changing the boots last to a visible screen

Yeah, Visible doesn't have that programmed into their SIM cards that I know of. Neither my old card or the new one I just got for switching to the new system/plan has it. I thought maybe there was something that could be changed under settings/display and checking to see what is set for wallpaper on the lock screen. If it is annoying I would try and change the wallpaper for the lock screen and see if it goes away.

I think I'm just going to pop a unactivated Verizon sim card in so that it changes from T-Mobile to Verizon and then put my visible SIM card back in at least technically that would be accurate and I would get rid of T-Mobile for good LOL

I just thought of one thing to try. It might be a pain but have you tried doing a factory reset to the phone? Bad thing is it will wipe out all apps and all photos and such so make sure and back everything up such as any photos or documents. You would also have to do all updates/upgrades to it again. I would think that would clear out the T-Mobile stuff from the phone.