switching between two new plans


Currently I belong to a party.  However, I often travel to Canada during summer/fall, so I'm thinking of switching to the new + plan so I can use my phone in Canada (instead of switching out my SIM card like I do now).  If I do that, can I then downgrade to the $30/month plan in the winter when I'm not going over the border? Can you switch between the two plans or are you locked into whichever one you pick?




I have seen people say this is easy to do, but I can't verify myself the experience.


Someone on Reddit said this was both possible and easy to do - no new sim cards required. However I haven't had a chance to verify that.

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  • You are able to switch between the plans.  You can switch from the $30 to $45 plan at any time.  Downgrading to the $30 plan from the $45 will occur at your next billing cycle. 

Yes this is correct per my understanding.

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How do you switch plans? I just left a party plan and want to go to the $30/month plan. I am currently on a $40/month plan. I don't see how to switch. 

I currently am on a $40/month plan. I don't see how to switch to a $30/month plan. Any ideas?


If you want to upgrade does it happen immediately?