unable to access acount


Purchased replacement iphone.  Can't access account because a verification code is sent through SMS to the inactivated phone number.  The replacement iphone also needs a SIM card.  I checked and there is no option for eSIM and no wifi calling available.  I've tried chatting with AI Connie couldn't get it to take me to a real person.  I've tried live chat on a family member's phone and AI Connie was not helpful and would not escalate my issue to a real person.  Is there a way to get a code sent to my email so that I can access my account to resolve issues


Intermediate III

When dealing with Connai, the chat robot, I've found it best not to volunteer specific information. When ask to choose something always choose other, none of these, something else, etc. When asked to describe or enter some information, always type and enter live agent. Eventually you'll be placed in the live agent queue.

If you choose or enter anything else, Connai will insist upon helping you further. 

If you already have a SIM card in the old phone just remove it and installed it in the new phone. A replacement phone does not need be activated or at least my Android phone didn't