Unable to access network after porting over my number from Verizon- please help!


I ported my existing phone number from my Verizon account to Visible last night.  The progress on the app shows it has completed and shows my old Verizon number.  Verizon even closed my account, indicating that the number had been successfully removed from them.


I have not been able to connect to the network to make a call or send a text since doing this.  I have tried all troubleshooting steps, even downloaded a new eSIM, but no luck.  Initially, my phone (iPhone 15 Plus) was showing SOS in the network strength area, but after several reboots and the eSIM download, I now see three tiny dots (or squares) in that space.  But phone or text are still not working!


I have followed the instructions to turn off WiFi, switch on, then off Airplane Mode, perform a soft reset on my iPhone.  It's a brick right now and I need it working!