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This is a horror story that visible created. I purchased a new visible phone for a friend using my own bank card.  WARNING NEVER DO THAT!  The new visible phone arrived at his house with no problem. All is good so far but when he tried to activate the new visible phone  visible froze his account and told us the phone was stolen!  HOW IN THE WORLD could we have stolen a new phone that visible sent via FedEx. It took several messages with visible customer care for over two weeks before a visible supervisor finally called me.  Ofcourse that visible supervisor said he will fix their error but now after a month the visible account is still froze. So I checked my bank statement and my bank account WAS CHARGED BY VISIBLE FOR THE PHONE ! BUT THE Visible account is still frozen. So I chatted for the umteenth time with visible customer care and I was again promised that a visible callback will happen within the hour.  IT HAS BEEN 2 DAYS NOW !  Being FALSELY ACCUSED OF THEFT BY VISIBLE is EXTREMELY EMBARRASING and FRANKLY PAINFUL!  Especially when it was all visibles mistake and I am being deprived of the referral discount that I rightfully earned when I referred my friend to visible. I had seversl people lined up to join visible ( over 150) but now they are not interested. Many were college students and all their social networks.  What can I do short of going to court to get a just response from visible?  Anysuggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Novice III

Ask to speak to someone from VisibleERT (executive relations team).


If you get them on chat just ask for a call back and they will give you a live call.

Intermediate II

Visibleabused, I am so sorry you are having this experience. I've escalated your issue to a specialized team who should be reaching out to you to get the resolved as soon as possible. 


I have not found any way possible to get in touch with”care”.  How do I do this. I’ve waited for hours and hours for a live representative and MOTHING!