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Our family recently switched service from Verizon to Visible, after Verizon jacked up our rates.  We live in an area with a very weak cell signal, so we are dependent on wifi calling.  Ever since we switched, our calls are constantly being dropped or simply not going through.  I've looked through the previous posts on this issue and haven't found anything new that we haven't tried.  We all have iPhone that have the latest update installed.  Please help. 


Update - I started a chat with support.  It turns out that Visible had our wifi calling disabled on their end for whatever reason.  They enabled it, and it seems to be working now.

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Sadly this is a problem with Visible.  I had a lot of calls drop and always thought it was the other persons provider.  I left Visible and am on Cricket with no call dropping and more than 4 times faster data speeds even at peek times.

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Hello.  Sorry to hear about your experience in WiFi calling.  My experience in WiFi calling is also not pleasant with my current name brand carrier.  If I connect my phone to WiFi and WiFi calling is on, the call is choppy and sometimes I had to end the call and turn off WiFi on the phone and redial to continue my phone conversation. My call with just a minimal cell signal is better than with WiFi calling! So, I think there is a tweak in the WiFi router called "QoS" to prioritize traffic.  And I don't know what kind of protocol the WiFi calling is so I haven't tweaked my WiFi router.

Update - I started a chat with support.  It turns out that Visible had our wifi calling disabled on their end for whatever reason.  They enabled it, and it seems to be working now.

Good job.  You did the right action - contact Visible support. I know in my case of asking if the trial (I'm on the 15-day trial) allows for multiple device to connect on hotspot and I got conflicting answers. Then finally an agent with initials CB intervened and clarified to me that the trial only allows for one hotspot connection. And, when I finally join with a Visible plan, $25 or $45 monthly, I can connect more than one device on the hotspot.  Anyway, I'm on my 7th day of the trial and hopefully when I finally port my number I can connect two or more devices to the hotspot.


Oh, as I have said, I don't call WiFi calling because voice quality is not good.

Awesome to see you got it resolved.  Visible CS can fix the simple issues.  They still struggle with the more complex issues.  |That has been a problem for years.  If you don't believe just look back in the forums.  There is no reason you should be without service for 2 or 3 days.  There is no reason you should do 10 hours of chatting and the issue isn't resolved.  There is no reason you should have to do steps 1 through 10 multiple times.  This is Visible's biggest problem.  I still say they need phone support.

I'm confused! In this thread, nobody complained of 2 to 3 days without service, no one complained of 10 hours of chat! What are you talking about? I though you left Visible and yet you are still lurking?

Not everyone has a bad experience with Visible, I would guess it is maybe 1 in 1000, but what carrier doesn't have customers that don't have issues. I see this type of bashing on Reddit also from those that are no longer with Visible but have to troll the pages and put them down. 


There have been a few reports of some having issues activating and spending hours on chat getting it resolved, usually it is likely a mistake made by the person porting in, but you never get the full story. The deal with not having service could be his phone or a tower being down for maintenance. The latter would have been easy enough to check by chatting with Verizon customer service.


I have said customer service isn't the greatest yet they try their best and the majority of the time they can get issues fixed. Bad thing is everything is done by chat and messaging them and I am guessing they are handling upwards of 10 customer at any given time. I have even had multiple agents chime on on the same conversation. With that said if you are one that needs someone to actually talk to by phone you might want to find a different carrier.


I have been with Visible coming up on 3 years and I have had no issues with service in that time and currently on the base plan. I live in a rural area that only has two towers and I only get 1-2 bars signal and it still works great for me.