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1st Month only $5- $25 every month thereafter--$50 to 200 rebate --$15 cash back


Hi. You can get your first month of Visible for only $5 Go to has all the info you need to know about joining Visible. When you enter my friend code at checkout, 3BNS63S you’ll get your first month of service for only $5! Currently when you switch from most providers you can also get a $50 gift card go to . and up to $200 gift card go to . You can also get $15 cash back from Rakuten by shopping through their portal. If not a Rakuten member(free to join) get $30 signing up using: Then join our large stable group to enjoy $25 per month instead of $40 per month :


Novice II

I used your link to join Visible but was charged $25.  I chatted with support and was told that was an activation fee and that next month would be $5.  That sounds fishy to me and was hoping you could clarify this.


I have never heard of an activation fee before. First month should be $5 when using referral code. I will try and find out more. Does it say activation fee anywhere on order information email or order information on account page?

No.  I think customer support told me wrong.

It looks as though they did not use my referral code and charged you their regular promotion. I would call them back to see if they could correct.

Yeah, I clicked on your link but customer support said I had to actually type your code on the check out page.  I didn't even notice it on that page.  Sorry!


No problem. Make sure you join a group to get future $25 rate. Our group has over 3000 members so rate is secure . Search for Ollanketo  
Thanks for trying to use my referral