Visible has great promotional deals going on for both of us to save! Tired of the over-priced plans? Save here! Follow these steps:


1. Make sure your phone is compatible if you do not have a phone you can get a Sim card and your new phone within 48 hours! 


2. Use my refer a friend code and save $20! Here's my code! : https://www.visible.com/get/?3LW88B3 


2A. To receive a $200 gift card: When Joining visible you will automatically receive a virtual gift card via email up to $200 AFTER completing your third monthly payment.

2B. You can join our party plan FREE and pay $25 dollars without referrals.  Join our party 'Yesi' That's great savings! Here is the link for that: https://visible.com/p/Yesi



This code is not working. No friend/referral codes posted on this site work when activating new service. You will not get the additional $20 discount. Visible support is refusing to help unless you can provide the email address of the person whose code you are using.


Don't fall for this bait-and-switch. Wait until Visible is more honest about the referral program or fixes the issue before you join or activate a device.

I'm not saying your incorrect but, I've had a personal friend with visible for roughly a year now. She actually has had every month and the next 12 months at $5. Also, I have 2 months at $5 and all I know is the first name. I see no info outside of that. I know no email, I know no username or number. I simply see Edward referred my code and once service is activated I recieve my $5 monthly. I think you are wrong. Don't be mad at a good deal. My code worked yesterday. So it should be no issue now. 

And now it just started working ..... no idea why

Yeah I see you Br@@@ to hide your name. Thank you for showing me this though! I have my first refer done and third. The second refer hasn't linked up service and that was about 10 days ago or so when he popped up. So I agree, it is weird but I've seen my proof for a year so.