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$5 for ONE YEAR of Visible service. Click on this post and let me be your guide to savings

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

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Let me show you how to save $575 in your first year using Visible:


$40 - Rebate when you sign up for Rakuten & spend $40 (scheduled to switch back to $30 after December 7, 2021)


$15 - After signing up for Rakuten, use the Visible link to make your purchase on the Visible website: ttps://


$35 - Savings when you use my referral link to join Visible Your first month of service will be $5


$15 - Savings in your second month & each month going forward when you join a Party (Join a large group, don't mess around with small fry parties trying to get the minimum of four people)


$20 - Savings each month when someone uses your referral code to join Visible


$100 - Swap and get a free phone here.


Let's do the math

Join Rakuten: $40

Make purchase on via the Rakuten link: $15

Combined savings for Party Pay & referrals: $35 x 12 = $420

Swap & get a free phone: $100


Total rebates and savings in the first year: $575


Net cash spent: 12 months of service 12 x $5 = $60

Less joining Rakuten rebate ($40)

Less Rakuten rebate for making a purchase on the Visible website ($15)


Total net cash spent for one year of service with Visible $5


Realistically, you may not find a person every month that will use your referral code, so YMMV. I did the math to show you what a great value Visible service is, and why you should sign up today.


Any questions? Post them here or message me.