Detailed Steps to Secure a $5 First Month Fee and $25 Monthly Fee Forever by Switching to Visible

๐Ÿ…Here is the step by step guide to help you make the switch. There are quite a few pitfalls during the switching process. I hope to help you avoid those pitfalls. The steps also work for a new customer. I sincerely hope this post could save your time, money, and energy.


Step 0. Call your old carrier and tell them you are going to switch. Ask for refund of the most recent payment. Remember, MUST call before you make the switch.


Step 1. If you have a phone already, check your phone's compatibility using this link: Then,follow the guides on the website to check if your phone is compatible with Visible and whether you need a physical SIM card or can use an eSIM. Finally, you will be asked to register for an account with Visible.

If you want to buy a new phone, using this link: Then, pick the phone you like. Place the order and wait for the phone to arrive. The other steps are the same.


Step 2. Log in your Visible account on the web and start chatting with an agent (Very important!). Visible does not have phone customer service. Chatting is the only way to get their help. By starting to chat, you lock an agent who is supposed to stick with you until you are done with the switching.  Both Visible app and website glitch, having an agent helping you during the process is very pleasant. Remember, do NOT log out because the chatting window is linked to your account (many agents are not even aware of this!). If you need to log in a different account, start a new browser.


Step 3. Activate your phone using cellphone app. Download the Visible App to your phone and log in using your account. Start to activate your phone in the Visible App. The App will tell you the (first) month charge ($40), discount ($15), and amount due ($25); then ask you to choose to pay using Paypal or credit card. On the payment screen, click "Have a promotion code?" and use 3FWHSZJ or 3FWC27M to reduce your first month's payment to ONLY $5.


Step 4. Once your phone is activated, you will be assigned a local phone number. Now, talk to the agent in the chat window and tell the agent you want to port in the old number. The agent needs the following information from your previous carrier: account number, Pin, and phone number. The rest is their job.


Step 5. Once your old phone number is transferred from your previous carrier to Visible, you need to conduct a power cycle. After the phone is rebooted, launch the Visible App and follow the steps to set Visible as your primary network for calls, texts, and messages. Make a test call to make sure your new network works.


Step 6. Enjoy only $25 monthly rate for unlimited everything by joining our party "bestphoneplans" through this link: With over 17,500 members, weโ€™ve locked in the party pay discount and you will always enjoy the party discount! 


Step 7. Mark your calendar and check if you get the $50 gift card for each line you switched to Visible. I was told it will be credited to your account after three billing cycles.


As a data scientist, I have compared dozens of cell phone plans, nothing beats this one! Best luck to everyone!