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Easy Guide: Use Code: 3HGMJT6 New User First Month $5 ONLY! After that $25/month for Unlimited 5G!

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Hello my dear friend, don't close me yet! I know your time is valuable, so I will try my best to keep it short and simple, to HELP YOU SAVE $$$ 💵!   Enjoy this budget-friendly plan without the old-school family plan.

This is how
Join visible as a NEW USER, your first month is only $5
by Use Code: 3HGMJT6

Once you decided to join visible, they will ship you a new visible sim card and it is totally FREE, and it will ship to you via FedEx Next Day Shipping for FREE too! 
You only pay when you activated your SIM card.


Then get ready to transfer your number to visible, go get the visible app on the app store, and it will guide you step by step on how to "port-out" your number to Visible. Have questions? Use their online chat function 💬, and they respond really quickly 👌, so I am not going into the details.


Now, let's jump to the main dish, for how to get $25/month for Unlimited 5G?💰


After you activated and pay for your first month which is $5 (by using the code above), you will be able to join Party Pay, and it will allow you to reduce the monthly payment to $25. You can use the app to join a party or use the below link to join this 5000+ members group (if you don't want to create one of your own.) Join a big group is the simplest way.


GOOD LUCK and Enjoy the budget-friendly plan!


Disclaimer: I do not own and manage the Party Pay group, or work for visible.