Join 140+ member party today and immediately pay $25/mo.

If you'd rather not build your own group, we'd like to invite you to join our stable 140+ member party and pay $25/mo now.  Thank you to everyone who has joined us recently and we'd appreciate a Kudo.

Stay safe and have a great day!



Exactly how many people are already in this party?

148.  If you click on the party link it'll show the total.

Sounds good!


It's asking me to sign in to request to join the party. Am I suppose to purchase the plan to create the account first and then request to join?

I'm sorry for any confusion.  To join Visible mobile, visit and use code 36psp3 to sign up for the mobile service.  They'll overnight ship you a SIM card for your device.  Once you get the SIM card, you can login to your visible account to activate your service and then on your account page enter the above link to join our party for unlimited talk, text, and data for just $25/mo.  Does that help?

By the way, I think your username is great!!


Hello, I am interested but not sure how this works. I use the join code but get my own bill? Also, I have an iPhone but want to message in groups and get mms messages. Will this work? I am testing free up and it doesn’t work with it. Thanks! If it works then I am definitely interested.

I have an iPhone and can text groups with no problem.  The best thing to do is go to https//, use the code above to join and feel free to chat with an online representative to answer any questions.  Once you activate your service, we’d love to have you join our party at the other link above to receive unlimited talk, text, and data for just $25/mo.  I hope this helps.

Yes it did! Signed up and sent the request to group. Thanks!!

I'm so glad it worked for you.  Have you already received your SIM card and activated your Visible mobile service?  If yes, that was really quick!  We accept all new members several times each day so welcome to the party.

And yes, you get your own bill and mms works like all major carriers.

Novice II

I already have a plan and would like to join your group.

Novice II

I am not sure how this works.  I would like to join your party and already have a plan.

Thank you, Bubba.  First, please copy this link:

Next, login to your Visible account and navigate to the Party Pay tab.  

Then in the join Party space, paste the above link and click to send the request.  We have several group members who monitor the Party Pay requests and select all new members very quickly.  If you have any problems, please DM me and I 'll get back to you with further guidance.  Also, please let me know when you join.  

If you find this helpful, please offer a kudo.  Kudos help other new members know we do our best to be helpful.  Also, when you're all set, would you be willing to choose the "Accept Solution" tab to help other members needing guidance.  Have a great day, Bubba, welcome to our group, and enjoy being Visible.


Hello! I haven't joined a visible yet, so wanted to know how your experience has been using the service? Any issues you have noticed? How to start the service including porting my old # to my eSIM from my physical SIM Ultra Mobile service and then join your party too, at the same time?


Hello! How do I join your $25/mo party, while starting with Visible including porting my physical SIM card old # from Ultra Mobile service to my eSIM digital while going with this service? What could be best and easy process? How has been your experience with the service in the last 6 months or so? Thanks.