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I am a Scientist and not prone to socializing. Love visible and have had it for over a year. My maths analysis shows it is the best service in America. BUT BUT BUT to take full advantage of the Superb $25 monthly charge for UNLIMITED great service, you need to start a group or join one.  Join us, it's easier.


I found talking to neighbours about Visible has been useless. It is like talking to them about DARK MATTER. They are locked in with ATT... paying $70 a month for lesser service but, like Grandma, they won't budge. So be it blue-haired granny and Johnny pickup truck; I tried. Intelligent decisions are not for everyone.


So if you are like me and have neighbours and associates that think you are trying to sell them life insurance, join the OLLANKETO party with over 1300 Life Insurance Agents...  only kidding... everyone is anonymous and nobody is selling anything but Visible savings. Just click the link and join. Even if you have already paid your $40 monthly, you will immediately receive your $15 dollar credit. So what are you waiting for.... Click the Link... I invite all Scientists of the world to join including junior scientists that are in my Math classes.  Don't flunk this IQ test! 


Great to have you, Lordrobot.


Welcome to the group.