Are you still on one of the old Party Pay plans?


Check your bills from June and July. My party still exists, plenty of members, yet Visible took my discount off.


No mention about it here, nor via an online search.


Yes, I know, we all must sign up with one of the two new plans this month to continue using Visible. I think it is unfair and wrong to delete the discount without any warning.


The community manager here says that we can stay on the party plans, until they announce a deadline for switching over:


""You might also be wondering what’s in store for you if you’re in a Party Pay party on the Visible Unlimited plan. It’s simple: you can remain in your Party Pay party as long as you’re on the Visible Unlimited plan.""


Checking with support meant that they asked to change my plan to one of the two new plans. They offered nothing regarding the discontinuation of party pay, or any notifications provided by Visible.



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beav, not sure why you posted this again but you either have to upgrade or lose service. You should have been contacted by Visible with texts, emails and even a mailed letter in the last 5 months and they have offered it for the same price as the party pay plan, the basic plan is the same as the old PP plan, I am on it and have saw slightly better speeds and no more lag because ping times are 3 times faster. It was announced a year ago that it would eventually shutdown the old system. You will have to upgrade to one of the new plans by the time your August billing date arrives or you will lose service, possibly your number. I know last fall the new basic plan was offered at $30 and lot of people upgraded and are not getting the $25 a month offer that has been offered since beginning of February. Take advantage of it before you lose service. Only other option you have is to port out to another carrier. 


Also, the parties were locked September 15th so it may still show full even though everyone probably has left.