Don't leave your Party Plan!

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The grass is never greener on the other side.  Don't give up what already works for you, read between the lines.  Nothing in the new plans are any better than the one you already have but you have to pay more for it.  As long as you have 4 or more members in you party your price will be $25

Party pay isn't offered with the new plans, the sim card you have will not work with the new plans, and more than likely your phone will not be compatible either.  If you want to switch then wait until your party drops below 4 members or until you need a new phone.



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Outside of the difficulty I experienced in switching and activating the new plan, it's been much greener for me. The new plan offers me better speeds and lower ping which yields a much more responsive interface when running on the Verizon core network now. I suspect it's probably dependent on location, current network load, phone  and results will vary. In my case well worth the $5 extra per month after I ran both plans in a side by side comparison for about a month despite the aggravation in activating the new plan. Dropped the old plan after that comparison.

Visible isn't for everyone - particularly if you need support.

For me, the difference has been consistent with that described by the legal disclosures under "Important Information about Visible’s Plans and Broadband Internet Access Services" at:

YMMV, don't underestimate the importance of improved ping/latency depending on your activities.

I can't make a general recommendation one way or another except to say try it for a month if able to using a new account and email before committing - most importantly it appears to be about location, location, location...

FWIW, part pay has been locked since October 18 at last check - you can no longer switch or move parties, and your rate is locked to whatever it was on that date. It stays there until switching to a newer plan or until Visible drops the legacy plan at which time you'll be forced to switch or go elsewhere.

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Yep, I'm sticking it out on the PP plan until they make us switch, $5 in my pocket is certainly better than it in theirs. When I chatted with customer service about questions about the new plans and why my phone isn't compatible one of the questions was when do we have to switch, there was no definite date but it sounded like PP was going away sometime in January.

About 4-6 weeks ago my speeds actually improved during the daytime on the old plan, at times it would slow so bad it made it hard to stream YouTube even at 480. The one thing I noticed it that my hotspot is now capped at 5mbps and I don't think it was before that. I am not limited to one device yet but I would gather the new SIM card will be programmed for one device. 

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On the old $25 party plan that I am still on do I have Data in Canada? I can't find any info on it.

As far as I know if you had it before then it should still work in Mexico and Canada.  

Not sure if I had it before and can't find a answer.