True Unlimited Hot Spot! Pay $25/mo – Perfect for Remote Workers, Nomad's, Travelers... as Low as $5


Group size continually monitored so as to never pay more than $25/mo.  Currently 48 members


To join my group, please go to and select the 'Join StarGazer' button. I monitor my mail all day for requests. Please be patient, I may not see it for 1 hr if I'm out.


After testing Visible's Unlimited Hot Spot for 7 months while traveling around the US in my RV & using it for my work , I'm convinced it is a perfect fit for me; so I pulled together this group to lower the cost to $25 a month. Pay as little as $5 a month! Yes its true!


We will also accept those that will be temporary, just let me know upfront please


A little about me:

- Semi-retired, from my own technical business's for 30+ years; Computer and Internet related.

- I have over 6,500 satisfied clients. I am stable, so my Visible Party is stable.

- I am a full time rv'r and I travel a lot

- My hot spot is vital for my work and Visible Works for me!

- I've been 9 yrs on the road!

I spend a lot of time in the desserts and wilderness areas so Unlimited Hot Spot is a must for my work as it's becoming for many more during this pandemic. Many are turning to working from home or remote locations.


How to get $5/month access:

Once you join visible you receive a referral code. Have others use this code when they sign up to visible. If 1 person signs up using your code, your next month bill will only be $5. This is awesome! You can bank up to 12 months of $5/mo with referral 🙂


To join my group, please go to and select the 'Join StarGazer' button.

Peace & Love!



Novice II

Tried joining, no response ?

I got in over here 🙂

Ok, cool. As long as you got in somewhere and got your rate to $25.

please dont advertise in my add.  Very unethical