Use the code, 3BZ88TZ, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5!!😎 內含中文介紹


Simply sign up for your service to receive $20.00 off your first month of wireless service by clicking  There will be a box labeled "Promo/Friend code" at checkout - Enter 3BZ88TZ and you’ll be all set, only $5 the first month! Ordering a new SIM card is totally FREE, and Visible will ship to you via FedEx Next Day FOR FREE TOO


If you want to keep/transfer/port your current phone number from other carrier (T-mobile, AT&T...etc) to Visible, you MUST need to have the current account number and PIN READY and fill it out during order new SIM. (If you don't know what is account number and PIN, check with your current service)


新用戶使用新序號: 3BZ88TZ,第一個月只需要$5元!