Do not do it

Novice III

Do not join visible. You will regret chat customer service. 4 hours to chat with someone.


Novice II

If you're expecting the same customer to be available at this discount price, then you will be disappointed.


Since I never used  $15+ per month in customer service, I decided to stop paying for such. If I was the type of customer who needed such service, I'd gladly pay the cost. Otherwise, Verizon seems overpriced to me, as I don't value that ability to get help.


My Visible service is working exactly as I expected. And the price is okay (I didn't know they'd cancelled the payment groups just before I signed up - I was expecting $25/month instead of $30, tho that's business! And I didn't update my research!)

I’m expecting the SIM card not to fry on day two of service. I’m expecting to be able to chat. But I can only chat across the LTE hotspot. Then they slow down the internet speed and chat disconnects. I am praying their lack of ADA accessibility gets them in federal trouble. I never thought there would something worse than t monkey.

Novice II

Earlier on the support was pretty OK, but something seems to have changed as has the quality of cell service

Novice III

I have had 50/50 experience with Visible customer service, but that is really common these days with most businesses. I've only had the new $30/mo plan on my phone for a few days and I have to say so far it's been great for my needs. The hotspot thing is a big deal for me and not getting shut down after using a few MB is ssssoooooo  NICE! Very happy so far. 


Just moved from Mint to Visible after 3 years, because my prepaid plan only gave 4GB of data, even while very inexpensive: yearly ($15); most recent 90 days ($25). After research, I figured if the data is truly unlimited for $30 a month, moving to Visible might be worth it.


But CHAT ONLY customer service, so far, has been an experience - and not good. Mint's customer service are all foreign nationals and not that helpful with anything complex. But at least I got a live person and didn't have a 30 minute to 45 minute wait (tonight to activate) or 90 minutes (Saturday afternoon), 70 minutes (ten days ago just to get pricing and deal information not available on the website).


And having to use an app to activate, pay, etc.: too much production. The Mint card just needed to be placed in my iPhone and worked almost instantly.


I spent nearly two hours tonight to get phone service, while Visible took my money almost instantly.