Hello all


I've had my Visible account for almost 2 years now love my S21+ I was so excited when I got it just now upgraded my network and getting a new SIM I'm excited to see how much better the network and network speed is once I get it. Absolutely love the unlimited data and unlimited hotspot I use it quite a bit for my smart TV at least until I get WIFI ๐Ÿ˜… but I'm looking forward to getting my new SIM and see how much better my network and everything will be now! Of course I didn't have many problems but at first my network was going down quite a bit and was always dropping calls but I talked to someone and they worked on the problem I've never had problems with my hotspot may upgrade my phone the beginning of the year we'll see but for now love my phone and can't wait to see how much better the service and network is!!



I would be interested in people's experiences on the new network.