Hello, world!


I am very new to Android and mobile internet in general, so I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself.


My SIM card was mailed this morning, and after a bunch of slapstick adventures and comedies of errors, I am thrilled to say that I expect my next post to be from my visible account.


I settled on an inexpensive ZTE blade for Android, which I want to learn, and a compatible iPhone 7 that can probably be repaired if that doesn't work out.


I'm coming from Mint, so mildly grumpy about having to switch handsets, but over the moon about unlimited hotspot.


I want to be able to access the internet with my own hobby computers again.


I don't need to run Windows 11, the latest and greatest iMac, or stream Netflix.


I don't work online and have no need for $100+ dollar a month internet bills to use apps that are necessary to put food on other folks' tables.


Visible is perfect.


I just need to update my tech skillset a bit and wait for 5G before purchasing my "forever phone"...from Visible, of course, because who cares if it's locked for such a very, very short time?


I'll also need a party

 plan and a patient ear, but I am not ready for a rent-a-grandkid to boss me around and lock me out of my own device....


....yet, anyway.







If you need a party, you can go to the savings spot (lots to choose from) or you can click on my profile name Scroll down to my posts and join my party. 




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