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Hey VisiSquad!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey VisiSquad! 


My name is David and I am one of your new Community Managers. I am SO excited to meet everyone in this amazing member community. We have great projects in the works that you will be the first to know about! That is why you will now have access to an Events board in addition to this new Introduction topic where we can share more about Visible and all the things that connect us.

A bit about myself, I have a passion for building online communities and making sure our members always come first! Outside of Visible I enjoy traveling, cooking and eating, of course! So foodie recommendations are always welcome.

In regards to the community, I'm here to serve you and continue to help create an excellent user experience. As an additional surprise, we have some exclusive events already loaded with more to come.

I look forward to interacting with everyone and hope that you all know this community is yours! Let’s continue to change the way wireless is done.





Glad to have you in the community  

Novice III

Howdy and welcome!


The events page is a bad link for me...

Should be working now, let me know if it is still inactive



are you going to be an in person representative?

I am in person and will be around, but this community is owned by its members. My role will be to make sure you are able to use and enjoy it to find what you are looking for! 

Novice II

David S.,

Glad to meet you.  But my sincere hope is that we won't have to converse very often, as the service so far has been excellent.

So glad you love the service!🙌 We are always improving and welcome member feedback. 

Novice II

I wish I could have been community manager. Or my hero mmfacemm could have been community manager. He would have been a good community manager.


He knows everything about Visible and is constantly buying phones on deals, porting in (he knows all the free / cheap sim card tricks), cancelling his Visible contract and then selling the Visible phones for profit.


Come see my other posts here:

Intermediate II

Welcome aboard.


Tell me more what it means to you to be a foodie. Do you like to cook? Do you watch a lot of Food Network shows? Do you have a favorite Food Network show? Do you have a favorite cookbook author? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

All of the above! Except, I haven't read many cookbooks but open to any recommendations!

Intermediate III

Welcome, David, to your new assignment as Community Manager.  Visible is a great mobile service provider as you know and generally the users within this community are very positive and supportive of each other.  I look forward to hearing from you regarding the newest developments.

@Crusher312 our members are the best! please feel free to make your voices heard. I stared a thread to open it up to any feedback or suggestions in the Let's Chat Board

Thank you.

Novice II

Welcome David.  We are excited to have you as a new Community Manager.


Congratulations on your new assignment as Community Manager, David.  I hope you enjoy your work duties and ability to build upon the Visible Community we currently have.


Welcome, David.  I look forward to learning about the improvements that are coming.  I most especially appreciate that the guidelines restrict users from posting more than once every 24 hours so the Savings Spot remains a fair marketplace to promote Visible for all users.  I hope all is going well for your transition.

Great observation and feedback! We will continue to make sure our guidelines and terms are followed to keep the community a place for genuine communication.

We all appreciate your positive energy and efforts for fairness.  By now I assume you've seen one of the members often changes usernames to avoid following site guidelines.  I sincerely hope you can find a way to eliminate the obvious abuse.  Thank you.