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I swapped carriers because I was told my bill would be 25? a month. Can anyone help me understand why I’m still paying 40$ 


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Did you sign up for a party pay?  $40 is the standard rate, in order to get the $25 rate you must join a 'party'.


Link to site describing party pay:  https://www.visible.com/plan/party-pay



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You will need to join a party, which is plenty existing out there. You can even join a party from Visible app. Join them and become $25/mo. Peace


The previous posts are correct. As long as the group has 4+ members everyone receives $25 rate with no group billing shenanigans!

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join a party and it will lower it to 25

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Good luck getting help with this - the website is not clear and their customer service reps are even less clear.  It seems like a fly-by-night type of "business" - they are incapable of handling simple technology issues much less providing what's promised.  You may want to look into switching to a more reputable carrier (Mint Mobile or HelloMobile for example).

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Yes it is because you didn't join a party - this is where the $25 


Hope your next bill is $25..


Please join a party, there are ton of links to join in the  savings spot section of this forum