Porting 2 Numbers


I have two numbers in one Verizon account and wish to port over both numbers into two new Visible accounts. When the first number ports over, I have some concern that Verizon might close my account prematurely, causing me to lose my second number. Is this a legitimate concern, or am I worrying about nothing? Any suggestions about how to do this safely?


Novice III

I just ported 2 numbers from a Verizon Wireless family plan. Neither numbers were the account owner. The moment I transferred them, (which was less than 3 mins fyi, almost instant), they disappeared from my Verizon Wireless family plan.


I did some reading - you do not want to port over the Owner's account because if you do, Verizon will close the plan and the lines connected to it may be cancelled - from what I read. So do all the family member lines first, then the owner's line last.


All our phones had e-sim, so we allowed the Visible app to set up a new e-sim, activate service, then started the number transfer (on Verizon Wireless, you have to unlock the number, create a transfer pin) - and within minutes you'll be up and running (remove the old Verizon e-sim once the transfer happens). I've found rebooting the phone helps too.


But yeah, Verizon Wireless considers porting a disconnected - service termination action. I wouldn't do the owner first - do account owner last.


Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚