The most frustrating customer service I have ever encountered!!!


Welcome to Visible, I hope you are ready for a frustrating customer service experience and to waste hours of your time with no results, and contradicting information from various CS personnel.

The inability to talk to someone on the phone is ridiculous!!! The amount of times I have been kicked out of a chat session is hair pulling! I have always been patient, level headed, and courteous when chatting with this company. When they can't seem to find an answer or see that there is an error on their part, I magically get kicked out of the chat and have to wait another 20+ minutes for the privilege to "chat" with another rep.

The wording on the new plan change to end party pay is very misleading. The rep I "chatted" with yesterday confirmed to me that you can indeed still sign up for party pay for a new account as long as it is before 10/18/22. The message strait from the company states, "On 10/18/22, we'll be locking in existing party pay user discounts and closing Party Pay to new members. Don't worry, until then, you can still join and switch existing Parties to lock in your savings today." 

This clearly states new members will not be able to join after 10/18/22 and for now you can still join until 10/18/22. After having this verified on the chat session I have switched over and created 3 new accounts. Now I can't get anyone to help me or talk to me about this on the chat without kicking me out, and the wait time to chat with them is sooooooo long. 

I've also had issues back in May with getting our number to port over. I tried on 3 different occasions to "chat" and resolve the issue. Each time I tried I spent a minimum of 2 hours. All the information was correct I provided and confirmed on multiple occasions with them and my previous phone carrier. I had promises of follow ups in emails, but no one ever followed up or made contact. In the end the number was NEVER ported over.

I feel this company has the potential to be really great, I liked their plan model (Party Pay). I had a good experience when I initially signed up in September of 2021. But every experience starting in May of 2022 has been very negative. 



Novice III

Have you looked at the Visible subreddit? lol there are many many customers new and existing that can not get service to work with the new plans. Some been over a week now, before they gave up with trying with support. I my self, with a new account, "new customer" in order to get a secondary line, no data connection for 3 days now. Presently have 27 other users message me on reddit exact same issue. Support chat just keeps saying our top priority escalated case is being worked on by their specialist, and will give an update in 24hrs.  And...nothing. 


Seems the ONLY way to get any resolution, to get them to do anything to fix things, is to file a BBB complaint. There they have to directly respond to it and post publicly their side of events of the issues and resolution.

Novice II

A little late with a reply but this may help other frustrated customers. I found that using a tablet teatherd to my phone. You can do a phone restart or other recommendations they want and pick up from where you left off once the phone reconnects. My service problem has never been fixed though! Food for thought.