This place refused me purchase

Novice II

This place completely scammed me out of my personal information and my credit information. I attempted to buy a device with my personal debit card and a fully registered verified identity PayPal account only to be refused. No one thru this sad chat thing could resolve the matter. So now I requested all my personal information be removed only to be told nope we keep it for our partners to use for a 120 days. So now I'm out my information and do not get any service in return. Very upsetting deal. No phone no service no help. Knew this was to good deal to be legit.


Novice II

I've had similar issue. Capital One is getting charged but Visible is not sending me a confirmation or shipping order. I get an order #, it stops there. They've reversed/refunded my order 4 times but cannot seem to see that they're getting paid. Now my phone us no longer on sale!! Visible originally told me that "an engineer" was looking into the problem.  Never heard back, only an email stating at I was refunded. Not a happy customer! Visible obviously has a system issue & are losing customers! Otherwise it WAS a great plan.