My Experience Thus Far


I currently have a grandfathered plan from TMO, which was their 10 Gig per line family plan.  After realizing they didn’t really care about retaining customers that refused to switch to plans that were several hundred more per month, I decided to try Visible.  

First, let me say the Z Fold 4 with eSIM does work just fine.  

Second, I couldn’t get a good feel for the network with the trial so I signed up for a single month of the + plan.  So far, the plus plan is delivering several hundred megs more per second than my TMO plan, near my house in New Port Richey Florida.  But let’s be honest, that’s not really the place you’re most likely to need it.  

Anyway, I plan to test at my work in Tampa tomorrow and if I see similar results there, and assuming the hotspot works well, I don’t see any real value with sticking with TMO any longer.  





Visible is a great plan and service, I have no complaints!