Visible is a joke

Novice II

I just started my Visible service yesterday. I paid $200 for a new phone and $30 for a months worth of service. I have never had any data. I have no data. I've tried to chat with you five times. I've spent hours waiting in line. I've been kicked off or ignored five times. I'm paying $30 for a phone plan with no data. I'm being ignored and my chats are being cut off. 



I have a better one for you.  I ported in my number from Verizon Wireless.  Afterall, they own Visible right so things should just work.  WRONG.  I signed up for service, phone wouldn't work just like yours.  I spent hours on the chat line trying to resolve it.  Eventually it did get resolved and my number ported in.  I decided to move my wifes number as well and that is where things really got messy.  So they ported her number to my phone.  YEAP hers to my phone and, like mine, her phone would not work at all without jumping through all the hoops.  Now, my number is lost in Visible Land and they cannot tell me how I can get it back.  They said that they are unable to move her number to her account as they do not work that way.  I call BS on that but what ever.  They said because they cant move numbers between accounts that I have to port it out and then back in, yet they cant tell me where my number is.  When I port it out, its not coming back.  I would have never left VZW if it wasnt so darn expensive.