Android watches need supported

Novice II

Visible needs to support Android watches they have Apple long enough. Not fair to the who knows number or Android customers that Visible won't support us.


And why can't visible give a date they will start allowing Android watches? No way that apple has to go any longer being able to use watches and Android people can not.


I will switch providers before I have to buy a apple phone and watch. Both my Samsung phone and watch are new. I wouldn't switch to Apple without being a watch owner.


While I am critical of Visible where it is warranted in fairness to Apple Watch  users they didn't give a date for when the Apple watch would be supported.  This is do to many reasons.  I suspect they do internal testing if they find a problem in testing and as an example  they said Apple watches would be supported in 2018  well they weren't what do you think would happen?  They would have a lot of mad users contacting them saying you said Apple watches would be supported by 2018.  This is why you don't give a date.  So they will be supported when it is ready and not a moment before.  I'm not trying to be sarcastic.  I was a Alpha Tester for a old Symbian screen reader called Nuance Talks it is a screen reader for the old Nokia phones that would allow the blind to access the phones and do things such as browse the internet, email,  make calls, send text messages ETC. We the testers would often find bugs.  We would never give a date for when the next release of Talks would be out.  There are to many variables   that can happen. Now to your point I agree android watches should be supported.  

Novice II

This is the part I don't get. Visible is a Verizon company, using the Verizon network, and presumably sharing a lot of the back-end systems. Verizon supports Samsung watches and I used my watch on Verizon for years without issue. So what's the holdup?


I work in software and understand the testing and beta process quite well. Supporting a watch is not much different from supporting a phone -- it has an IMEI and uses an eSIM. The only possible catch is that the user probably wants it to share a line with the phone. Well, Verizon has already figured out this part, and Visible is Verizon.


I presume there are non-technical reasons that Visible doesn't yet support Samsung watches, because there is certainly no technical reason they can't.