Announcement: My Apple iPhone and multi-device simultaneous connection issue - solved

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Note: I tried to post this on r/visible subreddit but because I am a new Reddit user, that nasty AutoModerator robot deleted my post immediately!


Date: June 20, 2024

I am a new Visible+ user. Today is my 8th day.  I am using an iPhone8 to test. I know, iPhone8 is 4G LTE only but it's fine.  I only want to test coverage and most importantly, multi-device simultaneous hotspot. This iPhone was able to allow multiple devices to connect to hotspot simultaneously with the previous carrier and it's one of those cheap prepaid plan with one Gig capped data! To make long story short, when I activated V+ 8 days ago, it only allowed one device on hotspot at a time in spite of repeated claim by several VisibleCareSupport agents that with the updated plans, Visible offers multi-device hotspot. Well, for Android phones maybe but not on my iPhone8! So, for 6 days, I banged on my computer keyboard with VisibleCareSupport to complain and complain about my hotspot issue threatening to cancel my account because they lie about multi-device hotspot. On the 5th day, I quit corresponding with VisibleCareSupport and logged in to my account an initiated a cancellation request. Yesterday afternoon (day 6) I tried two iPads and a laptop to connect and they did! Did speed test on each of them and each registered 5.6/4.7 Mbps average download/upload which is good enough for me. I am a happy camper now with V+. BUT on the fourth day of banging on my keyboard, I ordered 2 pSIMs from CC on their unlimited $55 for 2 AARP plan for my wife and me.


Let all Visible iPhone users out there that multi-device simultaneously hotspot connection is now available with the updated Visible plans.


can anyone else confirm this?  I just want to make sure it "just works" like it should before I bring the one line I moved from Visible.

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I spoke too soon.  Today, I drove to the mountains the Visible+ with me.  I connected my iPad to read email and then I connected my laptop to jot down some notes for my book.  Well, the laptop was not able to connect while the iPad was connected. So I disconnected the iPad and after which the laptop was able to connect. 


I contacted VisibleCareSupport at Reddit and I was given a reply - "I hear you, *****. I'm afraid this has to do something (instead of "this has something to do") with your device since it's currently running through an obsolete IOS version. ~BT". Really, when a prepaid carrier before was able to allow multiple simultaneously hotspot connection? Again, I give up.

After you mentioned iPhone 8 in one of your latest threads/posts I kind of thought the same thing that you are running an outdated version of iOS and not being able to update. I don't know what to believe on Reddit but some have said they can run multiple devices but the majority can't. 


One other thing to try. If you are running a windows laptop run the hotspot from that for your other devices from the laptop. The hotspot name on the laptop would need to be a different name from the phone but you should be able to hotspot your second device from the laptop. Bad thing about this route is you need to have the laptop open and running all the time.

is anyone running a new iPhone that can test this?  What are people on reddit saying?  I don't use it.  Thanks.

I don't recall. Usually when these threads pop up on Reddit where a person posts they have the same issue not getting multiple devices you will get maybe a reply or two saying they can, they don't say which iPhone model. I did see one reply mention that an older iOS version or the last version would get multiple devices but not the current version. I think that was about a week ago.

Are we the only active members in this community? Maybe most Visible users are in those other social media platforms. I am not a member of any of those. I prefer communities like this. I just became a member on Reddit because of Visible but Reddit is something else. I posted a long comment at Reddit but was automatically taken down by the RoboModerator. I can reply to comments but not create a new post.

There are only a few of us here. These forums aren't visited much. I not sure how long one needs to be a member or if there is a post count needed before one can create a post I am not sure. I started on Reddit I think January of last year and only read for a while then started replying. I have only made one new thread but that was last year on another group their. The is Twitter, or X I should say, they have a Visible page and a care page but neither you can start a post in. A number of people put complaint replies in those announcement posts. Facebook I think is the same, I don't think you can post on it. I do use that platform myself and have mainly used that to contact them by FB Messenger. 

Yes, iPhone is EOL already (End Of Life) at iOS 16.7.8 and has only 4G LTE modem. But it is/was able to have multiple hotspot connections from prepaid plan from my previous carrier! Go figure. It’s an antique device but for sure it is capable. It has to be Visible’s program in the SIM that does not fully utilize the capabilities/features of the phone.


About making the laptop as the hotspot, I will not go that route. 

I am by no means tech savvy but it is possible it has the correct firmware to run multiple devices on another network but not on Visible. 


It was just a suggestion to try it it from the laptop.

I can confirm it is not the iPhone 8 that is the issue.  As I said people in my family have Visible still.  Tried on an iPhone 15 pro max as the hotspot device.  I than Tried connecting another iPhone 15 pro max.  It connected fine.  I than tried to add an iPhone SE 3 running the latest iOS 17.5.1 and  got the message the network is unavailable at this time please try again later.  It is a shame if Visible truly  gave what they promised they would be a home run company!!!

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Okay. I did another test. And I was able to connect multiple devices to the hotspot! Here's what I did (and probably the sequence that I did the other day): First, I connected my Visible phone to the USB port of my laptop using the lightning cable for iPhones (tethering). My laptop always connect to it as a network device and set it as a primary network connection. Next, I connected my iPad number 1 to the Visible WiFi hotspot. It connected. Next I connected my second iPad to the Visible WiFi hotspot and it connected as well. When I shut down my laptop, both iPads stayed connected and I was able to browse and do speed tests from each iPad. If I disconnect one iPad, it can re-connects back no problem. BUT when I disconnected both iPads, only one can connect back! This is a puzzle. Which I will probably give up on pursuing the real solution.

@firefox it should just work.  I take it you got no where with chat?  Please keep trying and let us know.  I'm also trying.  Its frustrating.  It should "just work" I would be with Visible for life and recommend them to everyone  its issues like this and there app not being accessible for all that make me not be with them and not recommend them.  My family has chosen to stay with them and that's fine.  I was considering coming back if the hotspot worked as "advertised" but sadly it doesn't!

You shouldn't have to connect it wired.  It should work by doing it wireless.  Clearly this feature wasn't ready for prime time.Like I said before if Visible truly gave what they promised they would be a home run company.  It flipping gets me mad!  All I want is the services promised to work

I connected it wired to my laptop to charge it which suddenly led to the discovery. Plus my laptop, for some reason, when it is tethered to my iPhone (any iPhone for that matter), sees it as a network device and set it as a primary connection which I like.

@DeanKevin64 if you get a chance could yo please look in tou this?  it would really be helpful if we had an idea of how to make this work.  I'm currently in chat now with Visible.  I have been told they are working on a solution.  No time frame give just asap.

If anything new comes up on Reddit I will post it here. I really don't plan on searching through threads from the last 3 months since the change to this hotspot policy. I don't think you need to join Visible's Reddit page to read through the posts. You can use Google to search Reddit by adding this after your search words, here is a link to their Reddit page,

DeanKevin64  I agree the iPhone 8 might be the problem but I doubt it.  Note i'm no expert but it is my guess because other newer phones are having the same problem that it isn't the phone.    That was a good suggestion so always keep the suggestion coming.  You have good ideas so keep them coming.

I'm having the same problem. I have an iPhone 15 with the latest iOS installed. I can only connect one device to the hotspot at a time. Sorry I don't have any solutions... im just here looking for answers! Lol

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Update: 22-Jun-2024


I have stopped communicating with VisibleCareSupport @ However this morning I got an email notification from Reddit that they entered a message for me there. The agent RB said "...they just received an update from Apple since this is not a network related issue.". He further said "Apple mentioned that there will be a fix to be released on or before October 1st. I truly appreciate your patience as we go through along with the investigation. I'm just circling back because we owe you an explanation for this one. I hope you understand, this is not the kind of experience we our members to have.".


Well, the thing is, some of their agents who joined in the message thread lied about the issue. Don't they have iPhones to test on their lab/test_environment? That's a pretty slim-staffed organization.

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Because of the trouble I went through with Visible, I just ported my wife's number and my main number to CC.  It took less than 10 minutes to port both numbers. Everything works including multi-device hotspot connection.  My Visible is still on my antique iPhon8 but it will die after the end of the first month service which would be July 12, 2024!

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As a result of my banging the computer keyboard chatting with Visible Support, they finally made an announcement that they have been lying to all iOS users regarding multiple device connection to hotspot. The announcement is on I don’t know if they are going to announce it here.


I can't believe that there had been (and there are still) posts complaining about it and they were not listening to those clamoring for help on why iOS devices can only connect 1 device at a time!

I was just coming here to post that for @phoneman2021  to say one person on that thread is using an iPhone 15 Pro Max and says he can connect himself, his wife and daughter to MacBook's at the same time.


Also, MVNOResearch has this reply in that thread: I personally have tested this and it worked fine for me. Now if you are trying to stream video on two MHS connections it will cause you problems because it's splitting the 480p video/2mbps between the two streams which would be too slow for 2 video connections.


But that employee doesn't say what phone they used to test it on. I did reply and asked that question but I don't know if I will get a reply.

BTW, that was just the OP got in a reply from a Visible agent. It really hasn't been announced by Visible yet, not sure they will either.

@Visible slow data @DeanKevin64 Thank you for doing that for me.  I'm totally blind.  You might've known that or not.  Reddit is terrible as far as accessibility goes.  So I appreciate all your doing.  I tried last night on my best friends iPhone 15 pro max and it said when we tried to connect the second phone "this network is temporarily unavailable please try again later.  Note it wasn't trying to stream video it was just trying to connec

Did not know you were blind. I guess if I did I forgot. 


I assume your using some kind of reader. It is a screen shot and not sure if it tells you what it says but here is the gist of the screenshot


We are reaching out regarding the hotspot issue you are having. Their engineers are working hard to get a resolution that is preventing you from connecting more than one device. Apple is currently working on this issue and we hope to get it fixed on or before October 1st, 2024.  


Not completely word for word but that was the response to the thread poster from an agent. I just checked Twitter both the Visible page and the Care page and nothing has been posted there about this issue getting fixed.


Hope this helps you.

Are you flipping kidding me?  October 1st?  See this is what I don't get!  Why can't Visible be transparent?  Why not put a statement out  about this?  If that truly is the official company stance then say so publically you would look a lot better for it!  Yes you are correct I use a screen reader.  on iOS I use voiceover.  I use Jaws for windows on the pc.

You do have to figure it came from an agent so how truthful or accurate is it actually. They told firefox that only one device could be connected at a time on the free trial, yet another agent confirmed to me that multiple devices can certainly connect on the free trial. So do the agents actually know that for a fact.


I had thought maybe it had something to do with how the eSIM or SIM cards are programmed for iPhone's and when the SIM, whether card or eSIM, is activated it embeds the information to the phone to only allow one device like the plans did before March 27th. But that doesn't seem right when you get an odd poster that says they can hotspot multiple devices. 


With the odd person that says they can hotspot multiple devices I can't believe it would be an Apple issue either. 


I can say at one time I had thought my next phone might be an iPhone when I need a new one because they did have the best updating policy. Now with Samsung and Pixel actually exceeding Apple's policy I will likely grab an upper tier Samsung down the road. My Motorola phones the last 3 years have been great phones but even my 2022 model no longer gets security updates because they only have a 2 year policy and 1 operating system update. 

Here is an update from the employee on Reddit.


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I tested with my daughter's iPhone 12 but clearly I'm going to have to investigate if something is going on with the network team.


But, no answer on how the person got it to work or what iOS the person is running. 

Thank you for the update please continue to keep us informed.  There is most certainly an issue.  Visible in general needs to be more transparent and get out in front of issues.  When there is an issue admit to it.

Just wondering is there any update on this?