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Constant Data Throttling

Novice II


Anyone else fed up with the constant data throttling? Here in the Tri-Cities area of NE Tennessee, speeds appear to be good at night, when I'm usually sleeping. But in the middle of the day, every day, the data is so slow that my phone is barely usable for anything that needs data. Trying to load in a single picture is a true test of patience. I like to save money, but I'm starting to think it would be worth paying another $15/month to another provider to actually have a useable phone.

Visible really needs to re-negotiate with Verizon to have a higher minimum data throttle level. I don't need super speeds, just something useable.


Novice II

Totally agree! I'm in the Twin Cities metro (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) and same problem here.  I like to stream music in the car to and from work. You know there's an issue when it's stopping to buffer in the middle of a song, multiple times!  I never had this issue before I switched from Verizon to Visible. I thought they were the same network??  Thinking of biting the bullet and paying more each month just so my car ride to and from work is a little more enjoyable...


Visible, you really need to re-think this throttling thing!!! Unlimited data is worthless if there's no speed to it!