Any Difference?


Can anyone tell me if there are any coverage differences between Verizon’s Unlimited Plans and Visible, other than price? Apps all still work, etc.? Thank you.



I have not used any Verizon plans but last I checked Verizon doesn't have a true unlimited plan. I did check out Verizon's plans a few weeks ago to see what the cost was now versus last year when I went with Visible. The differences from what I see are Verizon caps data usage and when I looked the best plan they had was 50GB which is a lot unless you stream a lot of video content which I do and I am just a few days short of a complete billing cycle and I have used 60GB so far.

Another difference is Visible customers are deprioritized in times of congestion so speeds will suffer. So if you are in an area with a lot of usage on a Verizon tower speeds might suffer badly. One thing I have noticed is my speeds are not as slow as they used to be during high traffic daytime hours in the last 6 to 8 weeks and I am still on the old plan, so it has been an improvement on data speed for me.

Hotspot is totally unlimited but is capped at 5mbps of speed on devices using hotspot and it is limited to one device now on the new plans. Still fast enough to stream 720p no problem which is fine for me and think it might stream 1080p I think. There is no cap on hotspot data usage.

The huge difference Visible vs Verizon is customer service. Even though Verizon owns Visible it operates as a separate entity and because of the super cheap rates customer service with Visible is horrible and you have 3 options to get a hold of them is chat which can take up to a couple hours but the last time I used it the wait was 45 minutes. Twitter DM which the last time a month ago I never got a response. So I tried Facebook messenger, sent a message before I went to bed and woke up 6 hours later to a response time stamped 45 minutes later, I responded with the information they wanted and not expecting I had a response a few minutes later, this was after 6 hours mind you, subsequent responses with questions I had about the new plans were answered within a few minutes of each other. Beats waiting inline on chat.

For me Visible is worth it and I can put up with the bad customer service and I have been fortunate that I had not had but a couple minor issues last year and the couple times I contacted inquiring about the new plans this year the wait was twice as long. The major reason I will stick it out here is the cost of a Verizon plan for me is about $100 a month and at that price I would still not have a phone.

Hope this helps and sorry for being long winded.