Average speeds on Visible at 4G LTE in the East Coast

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I've also noticed an improvement in the ping time now that I'm in NY versus southeast Florida.  I came back to NY about a week ago and the ping time has hovered around 34 ms.  In southeast Florida, ping times were in the hundreds, usually around 200 or 300 ms.   The speeds in NYC are so fast, 200-300 mbps download speeds and 40-50 mbps uploads.   In southeast Florida, downloads were in the 40-80 mbps range and uploads were in the 9-15 mbps range, still more than adequate.  It's the ping time that was concerning in Florida.  It resulted in a noticeable delay in webpages opening, but certainly not a deal breaker.  Once connected to a website, navigation was smooth and zippy.   It was the first opening a website that I noticed a delay.