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Upgrade and downgrade question

I am currently on the monthly regular visible plan for $25. If I decide to upgrade to visible Plus for $35 a month and then decide for whatever reason I do not like it and go back to the regular visible plan, will I be still paying $25 a month? I hav...

JSinbad by Novice II
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Hotspot speed

So I do understand that you can only get one connection per device and it’s capped, but realistically is 5 Mb per second OK enough to stream things like YouTube TV? I’m getting ripped off by AT&T and since that’s my only provider for internet, I was ...


I am sick and tired of the way I have been treated by Visible! I have a phone, that I bought and went with your services two years ago, and went with Visible. You accepted my phone, and the transfer from Verizon, was very easy. I turned my phone on, ...

SIM swapping - weak Visible security

Why is Visible not offering Port Freeze or Number Lock to protect our mobile number from unauthorized SIM transfers? Today, you deliver the port code security key via SMS and email. However, if our email is ever compromised and we don't see that emai...

asdas by Novice
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Amazon Prime Video Streaming?

I just signed up on the visable plan so far pretty happy with the service, although I'm not able to stream Amazon Prime. Is there a way to do this?

Receiving Calls without Service

Currently, there is no cell service or data from Visible relating to my device and number provided by Visible but I am still able to receive calls and messages. I even received a message from Visible stating “ How is the number ***** able to receive ...