Can we get a section for referrals and limit people to posting in there for referrals please??

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It really clutters the community to have to wade through all these referral posts and party posts.  


Needs to have a separate section to shove them all in and keep them there!!




Hey @Subaru10000 - check this out!

It’s a thread called Referral Links Go Here by @Starfox in the Deals section - lots of great posts to help share the savings!

While we’re in the early stages of the Community...

Suggestions like these will definitely help continue to make this a more helpful and effective resource - thanks for the share!



Free for all in here and it is just a spam mess.  You have to wade through referral posts just to see decent content.  


Re your suggestion...for one that is great for starfox as their referral is always on top and prominent and secondly it hasnt stopped everyone posting referrals everywhere else.  



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I made this same request, no fixing it as of yet 😞 oh well!