Dead Zone

  • I live in an area where there is a dead spot. Data service is extremely slow and calls are choppy.

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If you have 1-2 bars outside of the house get a cell phone signal booster. They do work, I have the SureCall EZ 4G(older model but the newer ones also get 5G also), this is an inside window unit. You place the receiver in a window and the antenna in a room that you frequent most and should have 30 feet of separation between receiver and antenna if shorter you need walls so it doesn't interfere. A better option is the outdoor receiver with the indoor antenna. 

Uh No way. I’m not  spending $300 just to boost the signal. That’s on the network to resolve. 

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Contact Verizon and see if they have any plans on installing another tower in your dead zone area. That is about the only way you are going to get a better signal. That leaves moving closer to the tower you get your signal from. Or, see what other carriers there are in your area that may have a tower closer but that means leaving Visible. A lot of times carriers share the same tower so that might not help either.



One tip is to look at eBay for a signal booster. I bought my SureCall 4G cell booster for about $190 dollars and not the $300 for a new one. The bad thing about the one I bought is it was an older version sold to Verizon and only gets 4G not the 5G the new models get but for me that is fine because there is no 5G in my area yet and not sure when we will.


Good luck!