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Resolved! Carrier

My telephone number is currently with SafeLink. Am I able to transfer my phone number from them?

Tbeer46 by Novice
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Phones that are not compatible with new network upgrade

So I fell into a confusing situation just recently with visible new system upgrade process I became a member in 2020 with the old moto e6 phone which only use the Android 9 pie software and wasn't able to be upgraded so August 18th I purchased the ne...

86Hooch by Novice II
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When is a payment actually considered late?

Hello. First time poster here. I’m trying to find out from anyone when a payment is considered late. If there’s a due date of a specific date (of course, it’s always a specific date), but when is it that a payment to an account be considered late and...

Nanway by Novice II
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Resolved! spotty data, usually really slow

Visible since 2019 and my data speed has been getting slower and slower. Lately I have 0.08 mbps to none during the day but, today, about 10:30AM ,for about a half hour I had over 5 mbps. I've already paid for a month starting today. I've tried the s...

jdm by Novice III
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Question about International Calls

Hi there, I noticed that Visible offers International calling and texting in its premium plan, and had a question. Does the person from another country also need to have an international call and text plan? Or does it work if one person has the plan.

Poor Customer Service

Hi guys, Lately I've had some issues with customer service here at Visible. I am wondering if anyone else has this same problem. I recently purchased a Fold 4 expecting to be able to use E-Sim as most companies are going that way. Well no, they don't...