Do not purchase OnePlus 8 from Visible!

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There's been some chatter in r/visible about this, but the OnePlus 8 model Visible sells is seriously crippled.


-It's almost 5 months behind the unlocked OnePlus 8 (sold direct from OnePlus) on updates and still hasn't been updated to Android 11.

-It is single sim only, and the software does not allow for dual sim, unlike the unlocked model direct from OnePlus which is dual sim.

-There have been reports of 5G not working on other carriers, which could potentially mean the software has been altered (this is difficult to confirm, but I do not have the option for 5G in my settings mens and have not been able to connect to T-Mobile's 5G network using my T-Mobile sim).


Customer service is also largely clueless about this - every agent I've spoken to has said something different about the device situation. Until Visible clears up this situation you're much better off avoiding purchasing the OnePlus 8 direct from Visible.


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Yes it is the verizon version. The carriers don't like dual sims and ability to use your phone on competitors.  You have to be apple or samsung to say no to carriers.  

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Which is the model# you would recommend to get ?


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Which OnePlus 8 model # should I buy ?

I never buy my devices from carriers I buy them elsewhere . I'm looking for the model that'll work with visible and have 5g capabilities


I'm using a KB2005 OP 8T with a Visible sim and a Tmobile sim. I get 5g on Tmobile.