FaceTime/Video Chat Quality on Visible

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A quick question to Visible members, do any of you FaceTime or video chat using your service? How’s the quality? 

I FaceTime on the way to work or when I got out for walks during the day. I switched from one of the top carriers to Visible, and I’ve noticed the quality has gone significantly down. It’s choppy and it frequently reconnects. 
Does anyone else have this problem? Anything you’ve done to make it better? Or is this the quality of the service? 
Hope you’re all doing great. 


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Hey there!

Thanks for raising this concern. A few troubleshooting steps that you can try include removing your SIM card and power cycling the device, resetting your network settings, and turning airplane mode on and off for 30  seconds. Our Care team is also available to assist you; please reach out by chatting on our site, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook.