Good job visible


I would like to say "Good Job Visible", you have managed to lose a customer right before they bought a new overpriced phone.  I say "Overpriced" because just a couple weeks or so ago I could get a $300 gift card and now only $250. Well add on Google itself is giving $100 off and has better trade in prices as well.  That said whatever I was going to roll with it.


Then go to put in the carrier and after my number the only option is to select "other". And then a flag pops up saying I will now not get the $250 card.  My carrier is Metri-PCS or Metro by T-Mobile or whatever now.  I really don't remember as I havent had to contact them in quite awhile. When I did they have stores and a wait time if maybe 2 minutes 


When I go on here it's a 18 person wait,. My phone went dark and I'm like crap only 2 people in 39 minutes?!!? (I was ##16) so I refresh it kicks me out and now it's a 21 person wait.  Yeah..... Eff that, and Visible that is some horrendous crap.  Savings me money is awesome but making me wait hours to talk to someone just to sign up? You can stick the couple bucks for that much of my time where the sun don't shine. I'm just glad I found this all out before I got a phone from you all. So all I got to say Visible is deuces!